Melvin Galapon

Mural by Melvin Galapon

FLUX at Tokyobike | View Project 

Frequency at Jealous London | View Project

Set Design by Melvin Galapon

EQ Type | Photography by Martina Lang | View Project

Financial News | View Project

Set Design by Melvin Galapon

Transport For London | Photography by Jonathan Minster | View Project

For The Love of Music | View Project

Interference Type | View Project

WWD | Photography by Mitch Payne | View Project

Stripe Type | View Project

A Room For Mistakes Show | View Project

Power Series Photography by Mitch Payne | View Project

Order / Dis-Order / Re-Order | Photography by György Kõrössy View Project

Secret 7" | Photography by György Kõrössy | View Project 

Shanghai Ranking | View Project

Reflections | Photography by György Kõrössy | View Project

Jelly London 10th Birthday Poster | Photography by György Kõrössy | View Project

Mosaic | View Project

Creative Review Annual 2014 | Photography by Sam Hofman | View Project

Creative Review Annual 2014 | Director of Photography Sam Hofman | View Project

Melvin X Parka London | View Project 

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